Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Dam Race!

Yesterday my friend Emily and I ran in the Teton Dam half marathon. This was my second half and probably the hardest run I have ever done! (even harder than the chicken alfreado incident Meeka!) I bought new shoes this winter that are great for short distance and trail runs but around 5 miles yesterday my feet were on fire! There were many times I thought that I would do better to take them off and run bare foot but didn't want to stop to take them off because I was afread I wouldn't be able to start back up again! All in all it was a great day and I am so proud of my friend Emily and I where we both recieved our best PR at the race. It was a beautiful morning and a very pretty course but the best part about the whole day was the finish line where my cute little family was waiting for me. Poor Andrew felt really bad about my shoes because he told me that they would be fine and I needed to use them all year long since they were new. Its safe to say that I will never put those on my feet ever again!

She is worth finishing for! (notice no shoes!)

Andrew though these shirts were pretty funny. Its not very often someone would be called a Dam Volunteer! If you look close you can see me!