Saturday, August 1, 2009

A post from Brinlee

Hi everyone, its Brinlee. Today I got my haircut! First daddy took me to the Salon it was so exiting!

I wasn't scared at all. I just jumped right into the chair and was ready for my haircut to start.

My mommy was a litle sad to cut what little hair I have, but she did okay.

First she had to wet my hair down this was so fun for me!

I was to small in the chair by myself so my dad held me on his lap!

I was so brave....but somtimes I was a little concerned when the scissors were so close!

I sat so still so the haircut would be even!

I have bangs!

I loved say "hi" to all the people in the salon getting their hair done to!

And blowing kisses to everyone.....couldn't find my hands under my cape!

After the haircut was finished, everyone told me how pretty I looked!

And my parents were so proud of how good I was!

It was a fun day at the salon. Maybe my hair will grow faster now so I can get my haircut again!