Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little girl growing up!

Today Brinlee is 14 months old!

My little Brinlee isn't so little any more! She is so tall now that she can touch my counter tops and door handles. Time goes by way to fast. She has really Grown from a baby to a toddler this month. She has the walking thing down pretty good. But of course it is more of a run now so she can keep up to her "kiey" (kitty) She loves to swing and gets very upset when its time to come home! She also loves the piano. She is getting pretty good at it. She loves music and it doesn't matter where we are she will break out dancing if she hears music. We have a keyboard and she knows how to turn it on and can change the sounds. She can even play a few notes of a scale (if i show her first) This picture is of her when she was six months old and playing the piano. Little Mozart!

She even has mastered the stairs which is great because most of my house is stairs! I am so proud of her and all of her accomplishments. I love learning along with her!

Salon Stuff

As many of you know our Salon has been super busy with the launch of Aveda. Last weekend Andrew Brinlee and I were able to go down to Boise and meet up with other Aveda salons to do a charity walk. It was called the Walk for Water and all the proceeds go into the Snake River to keep it clean. My sister Stephanie walked it with me and we had so much fun. We also realized that our legs are super long and it didn't take us long to finish! The walk was four miles to symbolize the average miles it takes a woman in Africa to walk for clean water. The Defining Line Salon is holding a raffle where tickets are four dollars and then you can enter a drawing to win gift cards to the salon. Thank you to all the wonderful clients who have supported us in this effort! Love you all!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Today is Earth day and it was also our ribbon cutting ceremony for launching Aveda. We had a "green carpet" event in which we invited clients as well as the general public to come learn more about Aveda's mission and purpose to find beauty not only with hair but also beauty from within. To learn more about Aveda: www.aveda.com (They are the most green company that I have ever come in contact with) I am very proud to be working with and for people who care about the earth in which we live and love! Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not the worlds best blogger.....

Sorry I have been slacking. Its been pretty busy around here. Just wanted to share some birthday pictures of Brinlee for friends and family that couldn't make it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Because everyone else is doing it........

Because I am the only person I know who doesn't blog, mostly because I don't know how.......I am now going to try it. I don't know what I am doing. I don't understand technology. I just got a cell phone a year ago. I don't even know how to adjust the volume on it so it is extremly anoying. We will see how this goes..I don't even know how to put pictures on this....Meeka help me! You are the one that inspired me to do this!