Monday, July 20, 2009

Bumble and Bumble

(Brinlee trying to be a stow away!)

Its been a week since Andrew and I got back from New York and we had the best time ever!!! Here are just a few pictures of our favorite memories from the week!

(On top of the Empire State Building)

First off, the main reason we went to NYC was for hair. My work sent me to do training at Bumble and Bumble University (known as the Harvard for hair). I am so greatful that I was able to go and learn all that I did. It is a very inspiring place and it is safe to say that it changed my entire outlook on my career and I am a much better hairdresser for having attended. The Class I attended was really neat because top hairdressers from network salons all across the country came together to learn from one another and fine tune their craft. The class mostly focused on cutting and more specificly cutting with Bumbles favorite cutting tool; the strait blade razor ( I choped my finger off pretty bad!) It was realy neat to rub shoulders with some of the countries best hairdressers, and to learn from editorial stylist who are really well known in the industry. I loved working with the models and became very fast friends with them as they let me use tools next to their heads that sometimes are used as weapons! Watching editorial stylists-these are stylists whose work has been published- do what they do best has really helped me fine tune my eye and expect nothing less than perfection. I even met and watched one of my most favorite hairdressers, whom I have always drawn inspiration from, work on a photo shoot (just happend to be in the right place at the right time!) It was an amazing experience and I feel so blessed to be able to go and see everything I was able to see.

This picture shows how congested NYC is and how the sun doesn't even hit some of the buildings

Me just walking down the street we traveled down everyday to get to Bumble. The garbage there is out of control. They have garbage trucks that run all day long every day and by early morning the streets are full of garbage.

Times Square. Andrew loved hanging out in Times. See if you can find him! The day of Micheal Jacksons funeral everyone was lined up in Times Square watching his funeral from the big plasma t.v. on the buildings. They even brought lawn chairs and blocked of some roads for people to watch.

One of our favorite places. It's actually a restaraunt called Mars. You take a space ship ride to "Mars" before you eat dinner and the whole place was red lights and martians serve you dinner. Very clever. They also would dance every once in a while. They were dancing "Thriller" in honor of the day.

Wall Street

One of my most favorite things that I was able to do in NYC was to meet up with an old friend Tiffany and run a race in Central Park. It was so good to catch up with her and to also run in the worlds most famous park. The race was to be a 5k but we were having such a good time talking we missed the turn and ended up getting lost. Our race was much longer than a 5k that's for sure, but it was so much fun!

One night we went to the top of Rockefeller Center. It is as tall as the Empire (which you can see in the background) We decided to go at night and it was so beautiful!

And Romantic!

80 Story high kiss!

Our view!

Dinner in Little Italy.

We took a ferry ride at night to see the Statue of Liberty. Here it is with the sun setting behind it.

New Jersey at night from our ferry

Fire flies. I had never seen them before. They were really neat to me. One of the few stretches of grass there is to be seen.

On our very last day, we had seen everything that we wanted to see. I had finished classes and our flight wasn't until later that night. We decided to go to the tip of Manhattan one last time. When we got there the weather was so perfect and there were benches lined up so we sat and watched the sail boats sail past the Statue of Liberty. This was my favorite part. Just sitting in silence enjoying the breeze, reflecting on the wonderful week, and holding hands with my Andrew who I was able to connect with for days at a time uninterrupted. We spent most of our Saturday there until the time came to come home...............

Where we were greeted by the biggest, wettest, most wonderful kisses and hugs from one happy little 18 month old! *Thanks to all the family members who took such good care of her while we were away!