Friday, June 25, 2010

Family Of Four

We are feeling like our house is empty..
Bruce is gone.....
Its time for a new furry friend to join our family
Can't decide whether to get another cat, or maybe a dog. We have never had a dog before so the thought of it scares me. Tomorrow is the big day when we search for our new friend.
Can't guarantee a feline or canine but we will find something with fur to come live with us!
(we are a strong family of animal lovers)
The fact that we have only had two cats during our six years of marriage is nothing short of an absolute miracle. It is all we can stand to not adopt more. Our dream job would be working with animals all day every day! We are just a bunch of softies.
Plus Brinlee doesn't understand why she can't go "spill food" (feed Bruce) anymore.
its time.....

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