Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Most Summer Days

Everyday (as long as it is warm) we are always out and about.

We have great parks for kids in this town. Today before andrew went to work we took Brinlee to her favorite park.

I told Brinle to go get her shoes on so we could go to the park...

This is what she found..Black high heel velvet church shoes~

(I made her change)

Always so happy~

"hello, can anyone hear me?"

Brinlee was so confused. She could hear her dad,

but could see her dad! They were so cute!

Later in the day after naps Brinlee and I went for a run around the river and then to Freeman Park. I let her get out and play in the sand and she loved it. It makes me want to take her to the Sand dunes....We will see if I have enough energy to clean sand out from her, me, my house for the next three months.........

Later that night while making dinner she asked if she could play with the "hot mitts" (hot pads) I later found her using it for a shoe.......

I love this girl!

Much love always-Marci

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